Our Dobermans

AKC,European Purebred, Giant, Gorgeous Doberman pups. Faithful, devoted, bred for love and longevity, Great with kids. Our mission is to breed high quality Dobermans with excellent health and wonderful temperament. Our first litter at 8 weeks old the pups where 25 to 30 lbs on average (references available from previous owners).

All of our pups are registered Limted with the AKC and come with a health guarantee, have their tails docked and dew- claws removed. They are raised in our home as a member of the family, not in a kennel. We feed them only the best and it shows, it cost more to do this and is a lot more time consuming but we want to make sure that each and every puppy that leaves our home is as healthy and happy as possible.

Every person who looked at our first liter said there was no comparison from the other pups they looked at (see the pictures included below). Before you buy any Doberman take a look at the parents in person its all about genetics, we get compliments on ours everywhere we go. Our dogs are exception examples of what a Doberman should look and act like!

General Maximus 100 lbs

Max is a Black/Rust male Doberman who stands 28 inches tall (ground to withers) and weighs in at 100 pounds of pure muscle.

When outside, Max loves to run and play endless games of fetch and tug of war. While inside the house, Max considers himself a lap dog and will come to sit or lay on top of you. He loves to snuggle up to those he deems his own. Don’t be fooled because Max is always on guard. If he hears the slightest noise, he has a very deep loud bark that lets you know Maximus the Doberman is on duty.

Black European Doberman

Xena Warrior Princess

Xena is a 2 year old Red/Rust female Doberman who stands 29 inches tall (ground to withers) and weighs in at 115 pounds. She takes after her father  with her large muscular frame and a take charge attitude. Xena is very smart and a quick learner. She loves to chase tennis balls and can catch them in flight running. We truly think Xena was a baseball player reincarnated … LOL.


Our dogs are exceptional with children and yet excellent family guard dogs. If you are looking for a large Doberman what some people refer to as warlock or king, once you meet ours you will be exceptionally pleased.

We start each and every puppy with basic command and potty training and provide approved chewing toys. Most importantly we teach what not to chew on since they are in our home and walk each and every puppy on a leash to provide our puppy owners with a more satisfying experience from day one.

We also provide our free puppy packet that includes weekly pictures and progress updates and much more.

Each puppy will be given all necessary shots to provide you a state-required certificate from the vet explaining all vaccinations, etc.

Please understand we will only sell our pups to responsible individuals/ families. Our main intention is that our pups are welcomed into a great family, to have a good life, and to be loved just as a family member. If you are further interested, please feel free to email me .

Our Doberman Pics https://kieferscorner.com/site/titan-diamond-sarah-pics/