Warlock Doberman Pinscher

The Warlock or King doberman is what most people refer to when they see a large doberman.


But the simple truth to it is there is no such breed of Doberman.

It was just the name of a famous Doberman born in the 50’s that wasn’t even a European Doberman.

That being said the Name Warlock  or King was given to, or stuck to large European Doberman’s for there much larger size over their counterparts.

Furthermore these much larger European Doberman’s  average 100 to 120lbs.


120 lbs european doberman
120lbs Doberman next to a 90 lbs Doberman

As you can see from the picture above the size difference between the two.

They are both European Doberman’s Diamond is 90lbs and is considered a very large Doberman, Titan is 120lbs and is extremely large.

Equally important you may be asking yourself why would I want a large Doberman?

In fact the answer is simple, if you want a family guard dog.

I can tell you from personel experience that  the smaller the dog the less imitating and dangerious it is to a large intruder.

In all the dog attacks you see happen on tv or movies what takes place ?

The dog bites the arm or leg. This is not that big of a problem for someone prepared for it.

I had that happen to me when I was 12 LOL

Now imagine that the dog because of it’s size jumps up on you and you are now face to face with with those teeth, a much dangerious situation.

But it gets better, because of there size they will most likely knock you off your feet and the last place you want to be is on the ground with a 100 plus pound Doberman.


Is a Large Doberman right for you ?

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