Reputable doberman breeders

How do you know who is a reputable doberman breeder in Florida ?.

When buying your doberman puppy this should be your first concern, but unfortunately not all breeders are reputable. Over the decade of breeding dobermans I have heard many bad things from people who have visited other breeders.

Most breeders will say one thing and do another, they will omit the real truth. Simply put they will bullshit you, this is why you need to do your due diligence on your breeder.

If you are wondering why this is so important it is because the number one problem with buying a doberman puppy is health problems. The breeder can cause all kinds of future health problems either by not knowing, or just not caring.

This is one reason why people travel many thousand of miles to buy one of our puppies. Unfortunately I cant give you all the information on here because the unreputable breeders just copy everything I say and put it in there web site.

But for anyone who visits us I will be more than happy to explain why.

A simple way to spot them is when you see a bunch of reviews saying things like what a great breeder, oh beautifull dogs. Just basic generic stuff then you are most likely being played.

If they have more reviews than dogs they could even of possibly welped in the time frame they they have been breeding is a big red flag.

You can read our Google reviews here.

We even have hand written letters on our web site testimonal page here

Visit our Facebook page and see our doberman family from over the years and see what they say.