Purebred Doberman Pinscher

Any reputable breeder will have a copy of the pedigree of their breeding dogs in there possesion. Before you buy, ask to see the pedigree if you are not sure.

There is also visual signs when looking at the breeding pair. European dobermans have a large chest, and muscular build and their are destinct color differences.

European Dobermans have darker richer colors.

If they are selling purebred Doberman puppies, they would also get registered with A.K.C. They wont register a dog that isn’t a purebred.

We only breed purebred European Dobermans, and we have researched the pedigree thoroughly to make sure they live a long and healthy life with proper care. And our Dobermans are regestered with the A.K.C.

But more importantly you get to meet the breeding pair and see thier temperament.

purebred doberman
Our breeding pair Xena and Max

Furthermore we have all the paper work for any wishing to see it on hand, any breeder who dosen’t watch out!

If a breeder dosen’t have both the male and female in there possesion watch out. You simply don’t know who the mate is, or get to see their temperament.

Max and Xena guarding

Now it’s not uncommon for a breeder to only have the female. But you need to watch out on who the stud is.

A pedigree can only tell you the family history, but you have no idea how the dog acted or acts in a real life situation since you can’t meet it.

If they don’t have the male ask if he is alive, yes you read that right. Their are breeders who breed with dead dogs.

Sometimes they are dead for many years but there is a lot of risk that they won’t tell you about.

Read their reviews if they have any to back up thier claims. Ours are here testimonials

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