Male European Doberman puppies for sale

We breed and sell the largest male European Dobermans in Florida with a fantastic temperament that make a great family guard dog.

In addition with over a decade of breeding experience of European Doberman’s with a reputation of them living a long and healthy life with proper care.

Our puppies have traveled all across The United States and also Internationally as well.

In fact we didn’t set out to breed Doberman’s, it all happened by accident when i met my best friend Titan.

He just had this aura that people were drawn to him, a command presence that everyone took notice of.

Lord Von Titan was a giant European Doberman that stood 33 inches tall at the withers and weighed 120lbs of pure muscle.

european doberman pinscher
Titan at 6 months old and 80 lbs

Equally important he was as friendly as could be, laid back and loved to snuggle.

black doberman resting

As well as he loved to lay on the couch.

120 lb doberman
Also loved to lay with his peeps.
120 pound doberman
Likewise he was a lap dog

Warlock or King Doberman?

Equally important no matter where we went people would stop and compliment us on how good looking he was, and how big.

They would say they have never seen a Doberman that big and where do i get one.

Well that little light bulb went off and we went searching for his mate !

Finally we found his Diamond girl.

two large dobermans

Titan and Diamond Playing

large dobermans hugging
Titan and Diamond the best of friends

And then it happened!

litter of doberman puppies
Diamond with her new puppies
black european doberman
Titan 120lbs and Diamond

As a result we now breed and sell the largest european doberman puppies you can find.

And we have people who travel thousands of miles just to get one.

If you are looking for a large male european doberman what some people refer to as Warlock or King.

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