Love Of Dobermans

I started Love of Dobermans two years ago with Sharon and breed and whelped all the litters up to this date of writting 4/19/2021 since she had no experience in breeding dobermans.

All the comments you see up till this date are from me and my process, plus General Maximus  as the stud.

doberman puppies florida
General Maximus 100 pounds

You can read all the comments here

She has decided to go in another direction and i wish her the best.

But i worked hard for my reputation over the past decade. And i only breed large working class european dobermans, and my process is proven and so are my dobermans.

Im writting this to inform everyone that i am no longer associted with Love of Dobermans.

And if you are looking for someone with 40 years of experience with Dobermans visit me Linda back at Kiefers