Love Of Dobermans Winter Springs

I started Love of Dobermans two years ago with Sharon and breed and whelped all the litters up to this date of  4/19/2021 since she had no experience in breeding Dobermans.

Furthermore General Maximus the sire of all the puppies is my stud.

And Equally important Ali the Dam is one of my dogs from Titan and Diamond’s litter.

Likewise all those large beautiful dog comments you see on Love of Dobermans are my Dobermans.

In fact all the comments you see up untill she actually breeds her own dogs are from me and my process.

You can read all the comments here

doberman puppies florida

General Maximus 100 pounds

Even so she has decided to go in another direction and I wish her the best.

But I worked hard for my reputation over the past decade of breeding Dobermans.

And i only breed large working class European Dobermans.

In addition my process is proven and so are my Dobermans.

Consequently all the puppies have lived a long and healthy life from my process to date.

Besides, this is why i have some puppy owners with two and three of my Dobermans.

Finally Im writting this to inform everyone that i am no longer associted with Love of Dobermans.

Obviously if you are looking for someone with 40 years of experience with Doberman’s visit me Linda back at Kiefers

Why Experience Matters in breeding Dobermans

In case you are wondering why experience matters when breeding Dobermans?

Well the breeder can cause all kinds of future health problems with either not knowing, or caring.

Obviously don’t take my word for it.

Just do your own research on heath problems when buying a Doberman puppy.

This has to be the single biggest risk for a new puppy owner.

You will see in my Google reviews people who have had my dobermans for years and how happy they are.