Female European Doberman puppies for sale

We breed and sell the largest female european dobermans in Florida with a fantastic temperament that make a great family guard dog.

With over a decade of breeding experience.

Our first european female doberman was Princess Elizbeth Diamond, she grew up to be 90lbs.

female european doberman
Diamond when she was 2 years old.

She met Titan a mountain of a doberman at 33 inches tall to withers and 120 lbs, she knew she found her man.

male and female doberman hugging
Diamond and Titan hugging

Then one day it happened!

litter of doberman puppies
Diamond with her new puppies

We had our first litter of doberman puppies.

And Diamond was the best mom ever.

Female doberman sleeping with her puppy

But unfortunately she got older, and her puppy days were over. So we kept one red female puppy from her last litter and named her Xena the warrior.

doberman puppy
Xena as a puppy

Well she grew up to take right after her name, being a take no crap female and followed right in her fathers foot steps weighing in at 115lbs.

Xena the warrior princess
Xena is all grown up now

And now xena went searching for a mate and met General Maximus, he had that same look in his eyes as her father Titan.

black doberman
General maximus seeing Xena for the first time.

Well one thing led to another and you get the idea.

two large dobermans in bed
Xena and Max getting ready for battle LOL

And now we have more large doberman puppies.

puppies feeding

Xena feeding her puppies

But dont feel bad for Diamond she is 12 now and is enjoying her retirement chasing birds, and collecting baby rabbits in her spare time.


So if you are looking for a very large female european doberman give us a call im sure you will be very pleased.

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