Doberman Puppys Central Florida

If you are looking for a Doberman Puppy in the central Florida Orlando area, male or female red or black. We sell the largest Doberman puppies you will find.

Unquestionably when looking for a family guard dog size matters especially in today’s world.

And without a doubt the greatest deterrent to an intruder is a 100 pound plus European Doberman standing guard.

This is In fact what they were bred for!
120 pound Batman is on guard.

Our European Dobermans Temperament

Also they are smart, aggressive and don’t run from a fight.

European Dobermans are always on guard.

When at home they hear everything, things you can’t hear.

Obviously if they start barking it’s because they have heard something that’s out of the ordinary.

This is to let you know and everyone else that they are on guard.

If they see you and don’t know you expect to see a vicious guard dog ready to attack.

They will only let you pass if we say it’s OK.
Watching for strangers

Our European Dobermans will not let anyone in the door without our approval.

When we lived in the city we installed a glass door in the front of the house.

And they would always lay in front of the door watching and waiting.

And it wasn’t long before we got a reputation around town that we had vicious guard dogs.

People would come up to me when we were out and tell me about my dogs.

But this is the whole point of a guard dog

They are your first line of defense in today’s world.

Walking our Dobermans

When taking them for a walk they walk on full alert.

Constantly looking and ready for anything!

People would always tell me they walk like they own the road.

If someone was walking down the sidewalk and noticed us ahead they would cross the road to avoid us.

It was like Mosses parting the seas… LOL.

But the best part is they will not attack unless provoked.

The Family Doberman

When at home they are lovable lap dogs.

This is the different side that most people don’t get to see.

Gentle loving affectionate.

doberman sitting on boy
Granson with General Maximus and Xena

Most people who visit are amazed how the go from attack guard dog to lovable lap dog within minutes.

Want ot know more about our European Dobermans.


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