Doberman Puppy for sale Florida

Doberman puppy for sale Florida, we breed large European Doberman puppies. Our Dobermans average 100 pounds plus.If you are looking for a Doberman and never had a European  and want a great family guard dog you need to take a look.
120 pound Batman is  on guard.

A very large European Doberman is unfortunately a necessity in our world today.

This is  your first line of protection to protect your family, and stop an intruder from entering your home.

Also a European Doberman takes their guard dog duty seriously.

They will stop an intruder from entering your home, where an American Doberman usually lets them in the door.This is what a European Doberman was bred for !

Also a Purebred Doberman is the best there is!

Most people think all Dobermans are the same, but when it comes to a family guard dog they are vastly different.

Who would you rather have guard your family, a UFC fighter or computer programmer?

The American Doberman was bred to be a show dog, and generally backs away from a fight.

Don’t take my word for it just do some searching on the internet and you will see videos on intruders entering a home with an American Doberman letting them in the door.

We have had a few American Dobermans many years ago, and in every instance of confrontation they back off.

Large black doberman

Titan at 120 pounds

This is one reason  why we have people travel from great distances to buy our Dobermans.

Their are very few breeders today who breed very large Dobermans, and with the lineage and temperament of ours.

Also to live a long and healthy life with proper care.

We would explain, that process to you when we meet.

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