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puppies feeding
Xena feeding her puppies

Contracting our puppies

First we only breed large European Dobermans.our dogs average 100 plus pounds, and there are very few people who breed Dobermans of this size.

Second is the temperament of our dogs, this is all about genetics and envioronment.

We have spent a lot of time searching the pedigree and lineage of our breeding dogs.

Also to ensure they will live a healthy and long life, and have a great temperament.

Third our Dobermans are working class, not show dogs.

Above all if you are looking for a family dog and a superior guard dog

you want a working class European Doberman

And last these are our own family dogs,

we have both the male and female here for you to meet and see exactly what you are getting.

Furthermore anyone who has come to meet our dogs cant believe how great there temperament is,

also our testimonials affirm this.

Our testimonials are the real deal not made up. As well as you can actually talk to our referrals and see pics of there pups.

Consequently we also want to meet anyone purchasing our pups,we do not deliver or ship.

Our puppies are always sold in advance, if you would like to get on our list please contact me Linda  407-907-6127

Our next litter will be January 2022 ! Contracting now.

Please contact  linda for a placement on our waiting list , should there become an opening on a puppy in  our January 2022 litter

 The next litter will be in late fall of 2022.

We will list on  this website, when we open up that conctrating procces for that litter.

You can contact linda at 407-907-6127 for all infomation.


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