Champion European Doberman Breeder

Are champion bloodlines important for your next Doberman? Do champion bloodlines matter?

For the most part this is nothing more than a marketing gimmick for the breeder.

Furthermore it has little to no bearing on the temperament and future health of your new puppy.

So what is a champion bloodline Doberman?

Large European Doberman

It is a Doberman that has competed in a show, and has won a title.

Years ago being a champion actually meant something, but unfortunately today it really dosen’t.

I have meet people who used to compete in these dog shows for many years.

They walked away because it became more about who you know to win a title.

It had nothing to do with the dogs actual temperament and ability.

The only time buying a doberman from a champion bloodline would matter to you is if you were actually looking for a show dog, and were going to compete.

Did you know they actually put standards to compete on what a champion should look like, height, and weight.

This has nothing to do with the Dobermans temperament or ability!

Don’t take my word for it here is just one resource from Wikipedia.

Imagine telling a person sorry you cant compete or be a champion because of how you look LOL.

But here is the catch, the puppy must be a direct descendant from that champion.

Or you stand little chance of getting a puppy with the same temperament and look as that champion.

The further out you go down that family tree means it is less likely that that puppy will have the same traits as that champion.

I know breeders who actually use sperm from a decade old dead champion.

Then have the audacity to say they sell champion bloodline Dobermans.

To these Champion Doberman breeders its all about prestige and money!

This is no different then somone having a great grandfather who was a champion in some sport.

And now is saying that they are a champion because of it LOL.

Our dogs have champion in there bloodline, but this is exactly why we don’t talk about it because it means nothing.

That being said an actual true champion bloodline Doberman will most likely not be a good family guard dog.

It is simply because it isn’t what they were trained to do.

If you come to visit our home the first thing you will notice is our Dobermans will be looking to attack and prevent you from entering.

But once we say it’s ok then you get to see the other side of a European Doberman that will let you in and be a lovable lap dog.

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