Black Doberman Puppy Florida

A black doberman female or male from the right ancestry has to the most fierce looking doberman. With those squinty eyes saying you don’t want to go there.

Besides they were all puppies once, and cute.

male doberman puppy
My first day outside

In fact we breed and sell the largest puredred doberman puppies you will find.

black puppy
Titan at 7 months old 75 pounds

Consequently they average 100 plus pounds, and are are regestered with  A.K.C.

Large black doberman
Titan at 120 pounds

Our newest breeding doberman General Maximus.

doberman puppies florida
General Maximus 100 pounds

In addition we have people travel over a thousand miles to get one of our pups due to their size and temperament. They simply are hard to find especially in the enviorment we provide.

Last if you are looking for a Large purebred european doberman and want to know more read on here.

Pictures on Google of black europen dobermans here