Best Doberman breeders Florida

This is why you don’t trust what you read on the internet! And they don’t care.

Love of Dobermans is listed as one of the top Doberman Breeders in Florida, and at one time this might of been true.

First I started Love of Dobermans with Sharon over two years ago, and in Aprill of 2021 we went our seperate ways for a number of reasons.

Second I imediately posted on my website,facebook, and other social networks that i was no longer involved with Love Of Dobermans.

Third I wrote to these web sites saying that the information and review they are giving are now incorrect, and why.

Here is what is posted as of today on welovedoodles!

6 Best Doberman Breeders in Florida! (2021)
  1. Got My Back Dobermans Florida. …
  2. AJT European Dobermans Florida. …
  3. Providence Dobermans FL. …
  4. Wizard Dobermans Florida. …
  5. Love of Dobermans Florida. …
  6. New England Dobermans

Well much to my suprise the only thing that happened was an edited version of what was origionaly written.

Before the seperation everything on Love of Dobermans web site was basically copied and pasted off my web site KiefersCorner.

It used to say on the home page formally known as KiefersCorner.

best Doberman breeder in Florida
I started Love of Dobermans

So the edited version on welovedoodles is now written like this.

The breeder keeps AKC-registered Dobermans in Central Florida, next to Orlando. Their puppies find new homes not just locally, but internationally as well. The breeder raises puppies in a home setting where they make an excellent addition to the family. Love of Dobermans’ owners, who have more than 10 years of breeding experience, breed Dobermans for longevity and love.

That’s why the breeder raises the Doberman puppies in their home as a family member instead of in a kennel. The breeder also feeds puppies with quality food to make sure they leave the breeder’s home healthy. The breeder’s goal is to produce quality Dobermans with wonderful temperaments and outstanding health records.

This is now a flat out lie, the only person with over a decade of experience breeding Dobermans is me. Second the only Dobermans that have traved internationally are mine long before Love of Dobermans was a thought, an i have the testimonals to prove it.

In fact Sharon at Love of Dobermans has never bred or welped a Doberman to this date!

Yet both Sharon and Welovedoodles want to mislead people apparently.

Love of Dobermans even has the oudacity to post on there web site now that they are one of the top 6 breeders of Dobermans in Florida.

This is Our Orgional post that is still up today from a decade ago!

AKC,European Purebred, Giant, Gorgeous Doberman pups. Faithful, devoted, bred for love and longevity, Great with kids. Our mission is to breed high quality Dobermans with excellent health and wonderful temperament. Our first litter at 8 weeks old the pups where 30 lbs on average (references available from previous owners).

All of our pups are registered Limted with the AKC and come with a health guarantee, have their tails docked and dew- claws removed. Ears can be done at addition cost .They are raised in our home as a member of the family, not in a kennel. We feed them only the best and it shows, it cost more to do this and is a lot more time consuming but we want to make sure that each and every puppy that leaves our home is as healthy and happy as possible.

Im writting this because i can’t stand people who flat out lie and mislead people.

Here is a link to my origional post of seperation.