AKC Registered Doberman Breeder Central FL

Our European Doberman puppies are AKC limited,this is to ensure you a purebred European Doberman puppy.

Also as a Reputable European Doberman breeder with the American Kennel Club here in Central Florida

If your wonder wondering what limited means, that their is no breeding of our puppies allowed.

doberman puppy
Xena as a puppy

Our European Dobermans are from  purebred champion bloodlines. Also we have researched their lineage to make sure they live a long, healthy life, with  proper care.

But more importanly our Dobermans are Large dobermans. Their are people who refer to them as a Warlock or King dobermans.

Large meaning they average 100 pounds plus.

For instance most European Dobermans average 75 to 85 pounds.

Therefore their are very few people who will  breed dobermans of this size.

If you are wondering why, they are hard to find and much more expensive to raise.

This is why we have many people come from other states to buy a puppy from us.

doberman puppy
Grandson with our two dobermans

Why Our Dobermans?

Our European Dobermans are great with kids and excellent family guard dogs.

When looking for a family guard dog you should think about a European Doberman.

They were born to guard, and do it very well!

Our European Dobermans will not let an intruder enter their home period.

They are very protective over their family members, and they are on guard till you tell them it’s OK not to be.

But the best part is they won’t attack unless they are provoked.

European Doberman

When an intruder is confronted with a European Doberman of this stature, they tend to go the other way to an easier target.

Unfortunately in today’s world they are becoming a necessity, and a great first line of defense.

Anyone who visits us gets to see how they guard in person

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