About Kiefers Corner Dobermans

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Kiefer’s Corner is a doberman breeder located in beautiful Geneva Florida, we have 5 acres for our dobermans to roam and play. 

Likewise our dobermans get plenty of excerise to stay healty and happy. 

Kiefer’s Corner

We have had dobermans for 40 years, and have been breeding them for over a decade.

In those years we have learned a lot and are constantly improving the process in raising our puppies, to make sure they stay healthy and happy.

Our first litter of puppies.

Further more we strive to make sure the new puppy owners have a smooth transition taking their new family member home.

Anyone who visits comments they have never seen a breeder with such a nice set up for there pups to be born, and grow up in.

doberman puppies

                                                             Chow time with some company

Because our puppies always come first, they are never alone.

In addition you won’t find any kennels or cages here.

Equally important they are raised as a family member.

Consequently they get plenty of exercise.

Finally they want for nothing except a new loving family!

Puppies playing in yard


Why our dobermans 

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