100 % Purebred European Doberman Puppy

A 100 % purebred European Doberman puppy for sale red or black is the most sought after doberman color.

Furthermore after a decade of breeding Dobermans it is rare to see anyone looking for the blue, or fawn color anymore.

Fawn Doberman


Blue Doberman

We only breed and sell Large purebred European Dobermans.

Large meaning our Dobermans average 100 pounds plus on average.

Some people refer to them as a warlock or king.

Large doberman
120 lbs Batman is on guard.

There are breeders who call their dogs large, but they only average 80 pounds.

So you should ask about weight from the breeder if you are looking for the largest European Dobermans.

As for fawn and blue Dobermans we used to breed them, our dobermans went years without skin issues.

But unfortunately some started to have skin problems when they were past five years old so we changed our breeding process now.

For instance, if you Want to know more about our breeding Dobermans read this.

For example if you want to learn more about skin issues with fawn and blue Dobermans.