Doberman Puppies Florida

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European Doberman Puppies, Large, Gorgeous. Faithful, devoted, bred for love and longevity,  great with kids.

Also with over a decade of breeding dobermans we have learned a lot and are constantly improving the  process to make sure our puppies grow up happy, and healthy.

Three week old puppies

It’s equally important that the new owners, have fantastic journey with their new family member.

european doberman puppy
Im waiting

puppy for sale

Puppy at play

In addition our Dobermans have excellent health and a wonderful temperament.

Consequently our first litter at 8 weeks old the puppies were  25 to 30 lbs on average ( references available from previous owners).

group european dobermans
Puppies wanting  me

Orlando central florida

Kid tested puppy approved… LOL

Also all of our puppies are registered limited with the AKC and come with a health guarantee, and their tails docked and dew claws removed.

Furthermore they are raised in our home as a member of our family, not in a kennel.

new doberman puppy
My granson giving a new puppy some love.

Consequently we feed them only the best and it shows.

In addition of course the cost is more to do this, and it is a lot more time consuming.

But we want to make sure that each and every puppy that leaves our home is as healthy, and happy as possible.

In fact people travel over 1000 miles  to buy one of our puppies!

Every person who seen  our first litter said here was no comparison from the other puppies they have looked at.

litter of doberman puppies
Diamond with her new puppies

Before you buy any Doberman take a look at the parents in person it’s all about genetics, we get compliments on ours everywhere we go.

In addition,our dogs are exceptional examples of what a Doberman should look, and act like !

two large dobermans
Titan and Diamond playing
red doberman florida
Hello my name is Gravy

FL Orlando

Play time at Kiefers corner

Finally,our dogs are exceptional with children and yet still  excellent family guard dogs.

Kid laying on 2 Large dobermans
Great with kids  excellent family guard dogs

If you are looking for a large Doberman what some people refer to as a Warlock or King, once you meet ours you will be exceptionally pleased.

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