Lynn Kiefer is the owner of the highly sought after breeding pair of European decent Warlock Dobermans, Lord Titan and Princess Diamond.  By looking at the breeding pair of Dobermans, you can see they are not over breed like so many others.  I am the proud owner of a male Doberman puppy, Lord Bane, the son of Lord Titan and Princess Diamond.  The environment in which the puppies were raised was always clean and the care that the puppies received was excellent.  Lynn’s foremost concern was the proper care and handling of the puppies each time I visited.  Lynn had already started potty training the puppies before they became 8 weeks old.  The transition was handled with the upmost consideration for the puppy’s health and wellbeing.  Lynn took extra care in the placement of the puppies to proper homes.  Lynn always communicated in a quick and timely fashion.  I purchased Bane at 6 weeks old, Lynn kept in constant contact giving me updates and pictures of Bane.  If I was ever to purchase another Doberman I would go back to Lynn Kiefer.

Vicki Perry Reed

Owner:  Lord Von Het Bane at 5 months old     /    Born: 12/17/13

Vicki D. Reed

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September 2nd, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
Having had a doberman pup, previously, I was looking for a particular Dobie that reminded me of the one I had 30 years ago. Only this time, it was for my 12 -year old daughter. After much diligent research, she decided on the Doberman breed as her first puppy. We spent weeks of incessant searching online for a breeder who had large parents like the ones my pup had, and we chose the Kiefer’s as our top choice. Lynn was very caring and professional over the phone, and listened carefully to what we were looking for, and qualified what kind of home we could provide her pup. One look at Titan, and Diamond, and I saw that signature massive “Warlock” Herculean build that is so desirable and rare in the Doberman world. If you seek a well tempered, faithful, and protective companion, then I urge you to consider Linda Kiefer as your Doberman Breeder of choice. Her warm and gentle touch, along with open communication with you, is exemplary. When the litter was 2-weeks old, she was gracious in allowing us access to meet the parents, and see the babies. She kept us close to our pup by sending e-mails with pics and videos. By the time we picked up my daughter’s pride and joy, we felt like we had owned her since birth. Linda is very thorough, and generous with her time. She adheres to the AKC standards as a dedicated and committed source of the ideal large European Doberman.
If I were ever to own another Doberman Pinscher, I would go back to Linda, and hope that she would have one available. She is very protective over her litter parents, and will limit how many litters Diamond will have. My daughter is thrilled with how loving, gentle and obedient her puppy behaves! We drove eight hours round trip just to pick her up. Adopting the right dog from the right breeder directly, should be as pleasurable and rewarding an experience as it was for us! I wish you and your family the best when adopting a your next “Best Friend”. If you are seriously considering a majestic and muscular gentle giant, then look no further.
With Sincere Appreciation,
Elias Jabech


Dear Linda,

I wanted to let you know how great Sacha is doing.  She is 7 months old now and smart as a whip.  She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful disposition and personality.  She gets along great with kids and other dogs but is fierce at the gate to the house.  With her large size and big bark, I’m sure we will  never experience an intruder!  Thank you for all the puppy pictures you sent before sending her home with us, you were a true joy to work with and your care for the puppies was evident.  If I decide to ever get another Doberman, I will certainly come back to you.  Thanks!

Christina Barrett

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